Being a pet momma for over 20 years, I know how much pet parents (like you) want to feed our fur-babies food that’s full of goodness. While choosing pet food from among a sea of foreign brands, I couldn’t find one specifically tailored to Indian conditions. Moreover, I was aware that food we cook at home, despite our best intentions, is not kind to the nutritional requirements of our pets. They deserve an easily digestible, balanced diet crafted specifically for them. 

This called for an intervention!

Being an outsider to a pet food industry or trying to break into a market saturated with imported products did not stop me. My conviction to improve the health of my pets as well as cater to pets in India at large inspired me to work with nutritionists and formulation experts for many months in order to finally create GOOD DOG and GOOD CAT - honest pet food made with real ingredients tailored to the complete nutritional needs of pets in Indian conditions. Now I’m extending this thoughtfully-crafted labour of love for the wellness of your furry family members.

Co-founder, Good Dog and Good Cat
Radha Pandit
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