Climatic conditions play an important role in what one should eat. Thus, it makes perfect sense for our pets to eat food that is grown locally and designed specifically for Indian climatic conditions. Feeding your pet Good Dog or Good Cat will help in superior digestion and absorption of nutrients. Our food contains the right balance of nutrients, tastes and aromas that pets love. We use no artificial flavours, colours and are far safer than most other commercial pet foods. Switch to Good Dog and Good Cat today for a healthy, happy and energetic pet!

Good Dog and Good Cat kibbles have been created by formulation experts with over 25 years of experience. Our formulations have been sampled and approved by leading veterinarians and pet nutritionists in the industry.

Our ingredients and formulations are thoroughly lab tested at the ingredient sourcing stage, during production, and after packaging.

Our furry friends have shorter digestive cycles than us, and hence we recommend feeding them daily with 4 bowls of our specially formulated kibble, instead of the traditionally recommended twice a day feeding schedule. Our pet food will keep them full throughout the day and have them jumping for joy.

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Unopened packs that have shelf life remaining can be returned. If you wish to return a pack, please get in touch with us via email or phone.

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